Around The Farms

 Though cannabis is the main focus of Blazing Oaks, the farms produce much more!  The Sanel Valley region has historically been pasture land for grazing cattle since the 1860's, and the tradition is continued to this day.  The farms are often home, for part of the year, to Black Angus beef cattle, who graze among the oak woodlands during the summer and fall.  Flocks of chickens, some who lay beautiful blue eggs, plus a few heritage geese, round out the local livestock.  Olive groves planted with a 'Tuscan Style" blend of Frantoio, Mureno, Pendolleno, and Lechuino olives can be found growing on the hillsides.  A number of fruit trees ranging from assorted cherries and apples, to persimmons and pomegranates, and even Pineapple Guavas thrive in the mellow weather.  Many wild edibles can discovered as well, such as California Bay trees, Manzanita berries, and even edible mushrooms like Chicken of the Woods, Lion's Mane, and Giant Puffballs.

 The oak woodlands that cover most of the farms are home to abundant and diverse wild life. The oak trees which sprawl most of the Sanel Valley play a very important role in the native ecosystems, and hold a special spot in hearts of all who work and live in the region.  It is not uncommon to see Golden Eagles or Peregrine Falcons flying overhead, to hear coyotes singing their song every night, to see deer lazily grazing in the meadows, or to catch rare glimpses of Bobcats and even Mountain Lions.  Seeing deer, wild turkeys or pigs are nearly a daily occurrence.  Living and farming harmoniously with the native wildlife is always of the upmost importance at Blazing Oaks, and great pride is taking in providing a safe haven for our wild neighbors.