Medical Cannabis

Do-Si-Do - Fall Greenhouse Crop, coming soon again in Spring!

Lineage: GSC x Face-Off OG

Average Potency:  To be tested

Primary Terpenes:  To be tested

The Do-Si-Do combines the best of both worlds - Cookies and OG Kush.  A potent hybrid, it grows small, but very dense frost-laden flowers and has a powerfully relaxing effects.  The calyxes often have touches of silver, lavender, and azure in them, adding to the strains shimmery, beautiful appearance.  The smell and flavor remind one of sweet breakfast cereal and milk or fresh baked scones.  

Purple Zebra 

Lineage: (Purple Kong x Pacific POW) from NCGA genetics

Average Potency:  18-20% total active cannabinoids.

Primary Terpenes:  Limonene, B-Caryophyllene,  Borneol, Myrcene, & A-Pinene

With shocks of purple and green, the multi-colored Purple Zebra is sure to stand out in a crowd.  A indica-leaning clone only strain sourced by NCGA genetics, it has been a farm favorite for many years.  The smell and flavor combines both hints of old-school hash and licorice candy.  It is earthy, sweet, and slightly spicy all at the same time.

Sun Grown.  Hand Crafted.  Natural.  


A wide range of different cannabis strains are cultivate by Blazing Oaks.  Our farms produce both full season outdoor flowers, grown naturally from seed, as well as greenhouse flowers grown from clones in a more controlled environment.  All our flowers are grown under natural sunlight in soil, using only organic certified inputs. 

Our goal is to always been on the lookout for new, unique, and different varieties of cannabis.  We have spent over a decade collecting the best cannabis varieties from a number of world class cannabis breeders.  In addition, our signature strains are unique to our farm, and have been selectively bred by our head cultivators over the last 10 years.  Unlike many farms who focus purely on THC content, we take a more holistic approach to the cannabis plant.  Terpenes, which are the naturally occurring organic chemical compounds that give not only cannabis, but all plants, their unique flavor and smell are just as important as THC and the other cannabinoids.  Not only terpenes give cannabis it's pleasant aroma and flavor, they have a wide range of important medical properties and contribute greatly to the medical and mental effects of cannabis.  As a result, we strive to produce cannabis that is unusually high in terpenes, and in turn, has not only excellent flavor and aroma, but a complex and complete medical effect. 

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Other strains which are cultivated by Blazing Oaks, past and present include:

Watermelon Rancher - Won top 20 in the Emerald Cup in 2015, tied for 1st at 'Best of Harvest' in Santa Rosa in 2016.  Our flagship strain, it smells and tastes like sour watermelon candies.

Guava - Sister to the Watermelon Rancher, it is our highest terpene strain with an all time high of over 6% terpenes.  Had the highest terpene levels out of the 1000+ strains entered in the 2016 Emerald Cup.  Sweet and fruity, with distinct guava flavor. 

OG Twist - Our most potent strain - 24-30% total active cannabinoids.  A popular favorite not just due to it's potency but also for it's strong OG smell and flavor.

Sunset Sherbert - Tastes like orange cream sorbet, one of the best of the 'Cookie' Family.  A mellow and relaxing strain.

Blueberry Muffin #4 - From Humboldt Seed Co, this strain is a Indica dominant strain that is a cross of Afghani and Blueberry.  One of the most pungent and strong smelling strains out there, it really does taste and smell like fresh baked blueberry muffins.

Urkle Wreck - a perfectly balanced hybrid of two class strains - Purple Urkle and Arcata Trainwreck.  Dense, trichrome backed buds boast a sweet and sour aroma and flavor that incorporates both parents.


Always on the look our for new strains and new flavors, we have many exciting strains in 2021: